The AJKA-I Executive Committee

Leslie Safar - 10th Dan International Technical Director

Leslie Safar - 10th Dan

International Technical Director
Leslie Safar, AJKA-I co-founder, has practiced Shotokan karate since 1958. He is well known on both sides of the Atlantic for his mastery as an instructor, his intense focus on the core technical principles of Shotokan Karate, and the development of instructor training programs dedicated to building the total instructor.

Sensei Safar tours the United States on a regular basis, but spends the majority of his time teaching, directing, and developing AJKA-I karate in Hungary, and throughout Europe. Visit to find out more about the AJKA in Hungary and Europe, or write Sensei Safar directly at: sensei -dot- safar -at- gmail -dot- com.
Salvatore Lopresti - 9th Dan Chief Instructor

Salvatore Lopresti - 9th Dan

Chief Instructor
Sensei Lopresti started training in Shotokan Karate in 1972 under Mr. Leslie Safar at the South Jersey Karate School. Mr. Lopresti received his Shodan in 1976 from ISKF and JKA Chief Instructor Teriyuki Okazaki Sensei and continued to train under Sensei Safar. In 1977 Mr. Lopresti attained the rank of Nidan and entered the ISKF and JKA instructors training program at the Philadelphia Karate Club of Okazaki Sensei. Mr. Lopresti received his Sandan in 1979 from Okazaki Sensei and continued his competition career which spanned from 1974 to 1986. He achieved his Yondan in 1982 from Okazaki Sensei and continued his training and study of the Arts and received his Godan in 1995 from Osamu Ozawa Sensei. In 1999, he received his Rokudan (6th Degree Black Belt.) Mr. Lopresti can be reached directly at sloprestisr -at- aol -dot- com.
Palkovics Laszlo

Palkovics Laszlo

AJKA-I European President
In addition to being a devoted admirer of technical wonders, László Palkovics took up karate in 1982. Since then, he has been studying this sport with some interruptions, returning to intensive practice 3 years ago. He is a brown-belt, he trains at and heads the Alba Control Karate Club. Read More
Bob Tomasulo

Bob Tomasulo

AJKA-I International President
I began studying traditional karate in 1971. I have studied several styles of karate, but most of my training years have been spent studying Shotokan Karate. (Shotokan has become my passion). I received my Instructor/Examiner Certification from Sensei Leslie B. Safar – 9th Dan Read More
Sensei Avi Azoulay - 8th Dan

Avi Azoulay - 8th Dan

AJKA-I Chairman
Sensei Avi Azoulay, Hachi Dan (8th degree black belt) with AJKA-I, started training in 1972 in his native land of Israel and has trained under the guidance of top instructors such as Yakov Lubin, Satoshi Miyazaki (JKA Belgium), Alex Sternberg, Ray Dalke, Milorad V. Stricevic MD., Read More
Rob DeAngelis - 8th Dan

Rob DeAngelis - 8th Dan

Director AJKA-I Instructor Training
Rob DeAngelis' passion is to share his love of karate with his students through personalized, motivating and insightful instruction. His focus is on conveying the importance of details and how they come together to produce powerful techniques and confident students. Read More
Csakvari Laszlo - 8th Dan

Csakvari Laszlo - 8th Dan

Chief Instructor AJKA-I Europe
Sensei Csakvari started studying karate in 1980 at one of the first karate club in Hungary with one of the founding members of Hungarian karate. In 1985 he entered the Hungarian karate national team as one of the youngest members and competed until 1995. Read More
Gyuri Torma - 7th Dan

Gyuri Torma - 7th Dan

Committee Member
Gyorgy Torma started his Karate training in 1983. He joined the AJKA-I in 2000. Since then he formed his own organization, produced over 20 Black Belts and several instructors. He received special awards from the city of Gyula for his work. Read More
Picture of Andras

Andras Farkas - 7th-Dan

Director Instructor Training - Hungary
Started his Karate training in 1982, Andras joined the AJKA-I in 1999 has his own organization he organizes the most successful national training camp in Bekescsaba Hungary. Read More
Ridhish Thakor - 5th Dan

Ridhish Thakor - 5th Dan

Technical Director AJKA-I India
An AJKA International Instructor & Examiner, practicing Shotokan since 1983 under Sensei Anil Garodia, Being a All India National Individual & Team Champion in AIKF & JKA and being trained by Read More
Amy Hung – 5th DAN

Amy Hung – 6th Dan

AJKA-I Chief Referee
Also the USA Membership Director, Amy is a national and international competitor, she has competed in numerous competitions at the local, national and Read More
David Gomez, 5th DAN

David Gomez - 5th Dan

Media & Communications Advisor
David Gomez, AJKA-I media and communications advisor, has studied Shotokan Karate since 1978, and is chief instructor of the Georgia Karate Academy. Well known for his quality of teaching, he is also an Read More
Christine Münnich - 5th.Dan

Christine Muennich - 6th.Dan

Committee Member
Christine Münnich started practicing Shotokan Karate in 1992. From the beginning she followed the way of traditional Shotokan karate under various instructors.In 2001, she Read More
Andrew Spivack Picture

Andrew Spivack - 4th Dan

AJKA-I Secretary
Sensei Spivack began his training at the Tri Hampton YMCA under Sensei Alan Shea (now retired) in 1982. Sensei Spivack earned the rank of Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt) in 1988 with the Shotokan Karate Association (SKA), Read More