Leslie Safar
9th DAN International Technical Director
AJKA-I Chief Instructor – Europe

Leslie Safar, AJKA-I co-founder, has practiced Shotokan karate since 1958. He is well known on both sides of the Atlantic for his mastery as an instructor, his intense focus on the core technical principles of Shotokan Karate, and the development of instructor training programs dedicated to building the total instructor. Sensei Safar tours the United States on a regular basis, but spends the majority of his time teaching, directing, and developing AJKA-I karate in Hungary, and throughout Europe. Visit http://americanjka.org/ to find out more about the AJKA in Hungary and Europe, or write Sensei Safar directly at: safar@americanjka.org to contact him.

Bob Tomasulo
6th DAN President, AJKA-I.

My study of traditional karate began in 1971. While I have explored several styles, most of my training has centered on Shotokan Karate. Today, Shotokan is my passion. I have trained with some of the most respected and knowledgeable Shotokan Karate instructors practicing today, including Sensei Leslie B. Safar (9thDAN), from whom I received my Instructor/Examiner Certification. (Sensei Safar trained under Sensei Masatoshi Nakayama, and I am honored by my direct lineage to Sensei Funakoshi, the Founding Father of Shotokan Karate.). In addition, I must thank my instructor and friend for over 20 years, Rob DeAngelis (7th DAN) for sharing his skill and insights. My greatest joy? Sharing the knowledge gleaned from these influential instructors with members of our organization.”